A Cultural History of Gardens in Antiquity

A Cultural History of Gardens in Antiquity, Volume 1

by Kathryn Gleason

Kathryn Gleason is Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture and Archaeology at Cornell University. She is co-editor of The Archaeology of Garden and Field and executive editor of Gardens of the Roman Empire. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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Bloomsbury Academic, 2013
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    First edition
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A Cultural History of Gardens in Antiquity
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The history of gardens in antiquity is characterized by a rich mix of cultures interacting throughout Europe, Africa and Asia. This period - from the sixth century BCE to the sixth century CE - was foundational to the later periods of garden history. The emergence of advanced horticultural techniques, sustained regional and international trade routes, and centralized power structures promoted the development of highly sophisticated garden culture in both private and public contexts.

New evidence derived from archaeology and fresh analysis of literary and visual sources revises our perspective, reminding us that these garden cultures were varied and diverse, yet connected through ritual, trade, conquest, and cultural practices in ways we are only beginning to define.