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About Bloomsbury Cultural History

"Original and beautifully designed, Bloomsbury Cultural History shows promise as a one-stop shop for cultural history reference surveys" -- Library Journal

Bloomsbury Cultural History is an extraordinary, fully cross-searchable digital resource that engages with culture throughout the ages from antiquity to modernity. Thanks to its interdisciplinary nature and ever-expanding collections, this unique digital reference tool promises to be an essential resource on many courses from cultural studies and sociology to history and anthropology.

With exclusive digital access to Bloomsbury’s cutting-edge Cultural Histories series as well as an extensive eBook collection, image partnerships with leading galleries and museums such as the Rijksmuseum and Wellcome Collection, and supporting features like teaching resources and an interactive timeline, it has never been easier for students and scholars alike to explore the cultural worlds that have shaped our own.

Content Highlights

The Cultural Histories Series offers an authoritative survey of a wide range of subjects throughout history. Each subject is looked at in Antiquity, the Medieval Age, the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, the Age of Empire and the Modern Age. Thematic coverage is consistent across all periods so that users can either gain a broad overview of a period or follow a theme through the ages. Two Column Layout

Subjects include:

Bloomsbury Cultural History is comprised of yearly collections. Please see the What's Included page for what's included in each collection.

Coming Soon

Bloomsbury Cultural History is updated twice a year with cutting edge new research to ensure the platform remains an ever-expanding and relevant resource, including:

Newly published Cultural History sets, edited by major scholars on a range of topical and vital subjects. Upcoming series will include:

  • Slavery and Human Trafficking

Specially curated pedagogical resources to support students conducting independent research and provide instructors building their course with interactive teaching tools that can be incorporated into teaching. The rich list of learning resources includes:

  • Object Articles, a unique collection which sits at the intersection of material and visual culture, history, art history and archaeology, providing students and researchers alike with an invaluable gateway through which to explore the past.
  • Lesson Plans, which provide additional reading, discussion topics, and homework assignments, and act navigational tools to assist users to make the most out of the variety of content available on the site.
  • Subject Guides, which provide instructors, students, and librarians with a simple shortcut to help them find the material they need across a number of topics.