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Reviews of Bloomsbury Cultural History

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Library Journal, August 2018

By Rob Tench

As with other Bloomsbury products, the interface and navigation tools are easy to master… The database has a high quality look and feel, and materials are simple to access. An excellent resource for students and scholars of history, anthropology, archaeology, and cultural studies.

Rob Tench is Acquisitions & Resources Fulfilment Librarian, Old Dominion University

ccAdvisor, June 2018

By Cason Snow

[Bloomsbury Cultural History] is tightly focused and compact, providing an excellent starting point for users to conduct research about cultural history. The pace of expansion should not overwhelm users and will continue to provide new and updated information, keeping the website relevant for the years to come…

The website does well in presenting the topic of cultural history over time. The small but growing collection of resources are well researched and curated, providing quality and authority that can be difficult to find in other resources. Cultural history from the beginning of written history is an important topic, and the ability to search via time period or theme can show the interchange between world cultures. The ebook collection is predominantly secondary sources, while the image collection is primary sources, which gears this website toward teaching rather than intensive research. At a secondary school level, this site would be useful to introduce the concept of primary and secondary content.

A good effort is made with this resource to include sources from around the world, and with regular updates, the breadth of cultures and depth of coverage should only improve. The content currently available provides a high-quality introduction to cultural history. In addition to new content, the publisher will be adding teaching resources for lesson planning…

The breadth of cultures and time frame, coupled with the excellent curation of resources, sets Bloomsbury Cultural History apart and makes it a useful resource.

Cason Snow is Metadata Librarian/Cataloguer, University of Maine

Library Journal, May 2018

By Michael Rodriguez

Launched in 2017, this comprehensive resource offers a survey of cultures worldwide, from ancient times to the 21st century, and contains the full text of more than 120 print volumes, including 50-plus works (and counting) in Bloomsbury’s “Cultural History” reference series, available online exclusively through this database…

The content is fascinating… Casual browsers will find themselves scurrying down many a rabbit hole of knowledge, while academics will benefit from this resource’s insights into cultural and social history, art, anthropology, cultural studies, material culture, archaeology, and the humanities…

Original and beautifully designed, Bloomsbury Cultural History shows promise as a one-stop shop for cultural history reference surveys… It offers the best value for liberal arts and honors colleges and should support the research needs—and curiosity—of graduate and undergraduate students and interdisciplinary scholars across a range of institutions, including college prep schools and large public libraries.

Michael Rodriguez is Licensing & Acquisitions Librarian, University of Connecticut, Storrs