A Cultural History of Women in the Renaissance

A Cultural History of Women in the Renaissance, Volume 3

by Karen Raber

Karen Raber is Professor of English at the University of Mississippi, USA. She is author of Dramatic Difference: Gender, Class and Genre in the Early Modern Closet Drama, and editor of several books on women writers, animals, and early modern ecology. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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Bloomsbury Academic, 2013
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    978-1-3500-4818-8 (online)

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    First edition
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A Cultural History of Women in the Renaissance
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The Renaissance was a period of significant cultural transformation in Europe: women were both agents and objects of this historical process. The period witnessed revolutions in nearly every cultural domain, including the controversies of the Reformation, the rise of nascent capitalism, the influence of Humanism, advances in science and medicine, and shifts in the boundaries between public and private life, all of which profoundly affected women’s lives.

A Cultural History of Women in the Renaissance covers the period 1400-1650, giving an overview of how changes in social, educational, economic, scientific, religious and artistic paradigms affected cultural constructions of gender and the lived experiences of women in the period. Each chapter draws on a wide range of sources to chart the complex and often contradictory cultural logics of gender in Renaissance culture.