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Food Systems

A Cultural History of Food in the Age of Empire Volume 5

Bloomsbury Academic, 2014

Cultural History Chapter

...The long nineteenth century (or the Age of Empire) is a vital transitional period in the history of food culture in the Western world. The accelerated population growth that began in Western Europe around 1750, and the process...


Bette Talvacchia

Bette Talvacchia is Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor of Art History in the Department of Art and Art History at the University of Connecticut, USA and author of Raphael and Taking Positions: On the Erotic in Renaissance Culture. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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A Cultural History of Sexuality in the Renaissance Volume 3

Bloomsbury Academic, 2011

Cultural History Chapter

...In the course of the period stretching from the fifteenth to the seventeenth centuries the strongest impulse manifest in the visual arts was the urge toward increased naturalism, mediated by a pronounced commitment to idealization...

New and Old Luxuries Between the Court and the City

A Taste for Luxury in Early Modern Europe : Display, Acquisition and Boundaries

Bloomsbury Academic, 2017

Book Chapter

...New and old luxuries When Neil McKendrick postulated a prosperous interdependence between economic growth, social equity and consumer emancipation in the eighteenth century, the last not only required the economic ability to consume...

The spread of comfort in nineteenth-century Belgian homes

The Comforts of Home in Western Europe, 1700–1900

Bloomsbury Academic, 2020

Book Chapter

...In the introduction of her book Home Comfort, Christina Hardyment states: ‘It is easy to ignore the long history behind the facility with which we now make ourselves comfortable’. Christina Hardyment, Home Comfort: A History of Domestic...

Belgium: From Proletarians to Proteans

Immigrant Entrepreneurs : Venturing Abroad in the Age of Globalization

Bloomsbury Academic, 2003

Book Chapter

...Introduction Research on immigrant entrepreneurs in Belgium is not abundant. Many questions and blind spots arise whenever efforts are made to approach this issue. How does the Belgian case fit in with the renaissance of immigrant...

Picturing Work

A Cultural History of Work in the Early Modern Age Volume 3

Bloomsbury Academic, 2019

Cultural History Chapter

...The representation of work generally belongs to a certain iconographical or conceptual tradition, but pictorial tradition and allegory are also useful sources for notions and ideas about work and occupations. This will be clarified...

Public and Private

Kim M. Phillips

Kim M. Phillips is Senior Lecturer in History, University of Auckland, New Zealand, and author of Medieval Maidens: Young Women and Gender in England, 1275-1540 and co-author of Sex Before Sexuality: A Premodern History. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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A Cultural History of Women in the Middle Ages Volume 2

Bloomsbury Academic, 2013

Cultural History Chapter

...It is anachronistic to draw straightforward associations between woman and home for the medieval era. The domestic house was a gender neutral or even symbolically masculine space in which women played vital roles as wives, mothers...


A Cultural History of Childhood and Family in the Age of Empire Volume 5

Bloomsbury Academic, 2010

Cultural History Chapter

...The transformation of the economy accompanying nineteenth-century Western industrialization permanently altered the way families lived and worked. There was a degree of interdependence between the survival of a family and the success...