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Object in focus 10

Writing Material Culture History

Bloomsbury Academic, 2021

Book Chapter

...In September 2007 three ‘Salting’ carpets were identified in the Palace of the Dukes of Bragança, in Guimarães, in northern Portugal, by British carpet experts, Michael Franses and John Mills.J. Mills and M. Franses (1999), ‘Salting...

The Cultural Repository of Persian Sufism: Medieval Chivalry and Mysticism in Iran

Intercultural Transmission in the Medieval Mediterranean

Bloomsbury Academic, 2012

Book Chapter

...Whoever enters this house, give him bread, [and] ask not of his faith. For whoever is worthy of a Soul granted by the Almighty, is certainly worthy of Bol-Hasan’s bread.(Kharaqani; Bastani-Parizi, ‘Khaniqah’, 71)The Sufis are inheritors...