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Production and Distribution

A Cultural History of Dress and Fashion in the Renaissance Volume 3

Bloomsbury Academic, 2017

Cultural History Chapter


... Neckwear, Headwear and Accessories for Men and Women, c.1540–1660, completed by Jenny Tiramani and Santina Levey (London: Macmillan, 2008); Susan North and Jenny Tiramani (eds), Seventeenth-Century Women’s Dress Patterns: Book One (London: V&A...


A Cultural History of Law in the Early Modern Age Volume 3

Bloomsbury Academic, 2019

Cultural History Chapter


... Annexes des Cahiers de linguistique hispanique médiévale 1988. 7 469–476. Susan Byrne, “¿Por qué una niña de nuef años?: la edad de razón y la razón del poeta del CMC.” 2002. 31(1) La corónica 5–17. granted to cities, towns, and reigns...